Introduction and benefits of cotton socks

Introduction of cotton socks

The cotton content of pure cotton socks is generally 70%-85%, and other components are 15%-30% elastic fibers (such as spandex, nylon, etc.). Theoretically speaking, socks made of 100% cotton are not elastic, so adding high-quality elastic fibers (such as Lycra) will present you with a pair of high-end cotton socks with excellent comfort. Therefore, 100% cotton socks (with no elastic fiber) has become synonymous with high-end comfortable cotton socks.


Benefits of cotton socks

Pure cotton socks are soft and comfortable, with the advantage of sweat absorption and breathability. The sweat-absorption characteristics of pure cotton socks will make you feel dry and comfortable on any occasion. Wearing a pair of cotton socks that are not smelly and wet is undoubtedly a great choice for people who tend to be the sweaty feet. If the socks are made of chemical fibers such as polyester or acrylic fiber, although they look like pure cotton socks, they will appear slippery, smelly, and stuffy when worn on the feet, as well as poor fit and comfort.


Are pure cotton socks deodorant?

First of all, from the point of view of the material: The deodorant socks currently on the market are mainly divided into combed cotton socks and bamboo fiber socks. So what are the differences between them?

  1. In terms of skin contact comfort, bamboo fiber socks is much more comfortable than pure cotton socks.
  2. In summer, bamboo fiber socks are the better choice for the advantage of coolness, comfort and strong sweat-absorption ability. But in winter pure cotton socks are more suitable.
  3. In terms of durability, pure cotton socks are more durable than bamboo fiber socks.
  4. About the price, bamboo fiber socks are more expensive than pure cotton socks.


How to choose the cotton socks?

1、Touch: The pure cotton socks feel more plumper and thicker. Socks that look like the same thickness, undoubtedly the pure cotton socks will have a more delicate texture and more firm feeling.

2、Look: To check whether the cotton socks have “Aurora” appearance, we can use both hands to flatten the socks and apply a certain tension. When the socks and the body are at a 45-degree angle downwards, look towards the light source to see if there is any dazzling light flashing. If so, the socks are proved to contain chemical fiber or high chemical fiber ingredient.

3、Pinching: The pure cotton socks have obvious wrinkles after being pinched. Fold the socks in half and scrape them with your nails. After unfolding, there is a clear fold line, while the chemical fiber fabric has no wrinkles after pinching.

4、Burning: Cotton fiber will not melt or shrink near the flame, it will burn immediately when it is in contact with the fire, and it will smell of burning paper when it burns. After being burned out, it appears to be fine and soft  cotton-shaped ash with the colour of black and white, without coking.


How to wash cotton socks

Generally, cotton socks need to be washed and changed frequently. For cotton socks with a lot of dirt, soak them in clean water for about half an hour, then rub soap and wash with warm water, so that the dirt can be easy to clean and remove. Putting some vinegar when washing the socks can help removing the smell and keeping soft. The main component of vinegar is acetic acid, which has the effect of cleaning and sterilization, and can also remove acid odor. It is a natural cleaning agent. It can not only remove the odor of the socks, but also allows the vinegar to penetrate deep into the fibers of the socks to completely remove dirt, and it can effectively sterilize the socks. Vinegar is also a natural softener and brightener, which can reduce the discoloration of the socks and prevent the socks from becoming hard and compact.

Try to wash the cotton socks separately, and pay attention not to soak for a long time before washing, which can effectively extend the life of the socks. Try to avoid direct sunlight when drying, so that the color of the socks can be maintained for a longer time without discoloration or fading. Drying your socks may make your socks quickly age, get harden, and lose their elasticity and luster. Pay special attention to this.


The role of floor cozy socks,your partner indoors

With the development of society, more and more people start to install wooden floors in their homes. In the summer, the family enjoys playing games, playing cards, or do yoga with CDs. They will have fun, but one thing is that the board will still be a little cold, and playing for a long time will definitely threaten the health. Wearing slippers can easily stain the floor and scratch the floor. However, wearing floor cozy socks can simply avoid these problems. With a layer of soft fluff inside, the floor cozy socks can not only keep warm but also protect the feet by giving a cushion.

In addition, in our daily life, if the hostess prepares a pair of soft floor cozy socks for everyone in the family, it can be used in winter, summer or anytime they want. It will not become particularly dirty, so that it is not only convenient but also can keep clean almost anytime. Also, when just finish cleaning the floor, we do not need to worry about the floor getting dirty and can also make sure that the water on the floor will not wet our soles by wearing the floor cozy socks, which also indirectly ensures our own health.

Definitely, you will fall in love with the floor cozy socks,which allow you enjoy the “warm” life.The fuzzy texture that is heavier than ordinary socks, coupled with the details of the embellishment, immediately gives you a warm imagination of home life. With a pair of cozy floor socks in your home, you will need no more worries about your family’s health, also no more annoyance at others’ carelessness to dirtying the freshly cleaned floor.