Socks not only help keep your baby warm and cold, but also help prevent injuries and keep your feet clean for a naturally active baby.So parents should remember to put socks on baby, but for the baby to wear socks how to choose, is also a skill, today to share, how to give the baby to choose the right baby socks?

How to choose the right baby socks?
It is said that feet are the “second heart” of the person, choosing the right socks is very important, choose baby socks under a few points is to take into account.
1.Choose light colors first
The brighter the color, the more chemicals may be added to it;
2.The style is simple
Baby’s small feet are very delicate, woven socks will be wired inside the head, which is easy to wrap around the baby’s toes, quite dangerous.In the life such phenomenon is very common: according to the mother’s will to the baby to buy beautiful socks, finally because of the thread head reason in turn to the baby to wear, the result also did not play a beautiful role.
3. Don’t pick socks too tight mouth socks
This is because the baby does not have an ankle, the calf is also very short, the sock elastic mouth is a little wider, convenient to prop up the cover in the baby’s ankle, not to strangle meat.

Tips: baby socks need to be replaced in time, when the mother found socks lost elasticity, heel thinner, there are holes, put on feet have obvious pinch marks, socks become obvious hours, it means that socks should be eliminated.
Tips: pilling socks are not necessarily bad
Pilling socks are divided into two kinds: 100% cotton socks or 100% cotton socks without cotton nylon socks, but 100% cotton socks are basically not elastic, so socks cover feet and comfort is relatively poor, such socks are very few.

General socks will have a lot of little elastic components, with cotton content of about 65% of the socks are called in the broad sense of pure cotton socks.However, as long as socks contain both elastic material and cotton, they are prone to pilling due to their different composition and structure.So it’s not uncommon for baby socks to pout.
For the baby, socks must be cotton, in addition, socks elasticity is very important, both to ensure that the foot is not tight, and not too loose often.

Moma must know how to buy socks online
If you buy socks online, most babies and mothers must have bought large or small experience, buy N times is unable to buy the right socks experience.
Generally, the page will clearly show the tiling and stretching size of socks, and divide the two by 2 is the appropriate size of baby’s feet, as long as the mother measures the size of baby’s feet, it is ok to seat.
In front of the introduction is to choose socks for baby tips, first of all if the cotton, and not too big and not too small, to ensure the baby’s comfort.Tips for picking small socks for your baby, got it?