Male socks summer chooses hemp

Summer came, when a lot of males go to work or seeing a friend, must cover the foot in close windtight leather shoes. Choose a few pairs of easy comfortable the sock that breathe freely, became men to ignore indispensable however need easily.

Accordingly, may not of content of pure cotton-padded clothes is the choice with best male, more unfavorable often wear. A few other fabrics suit them more, for instance to avoid the perception of sticky be bored with, can choose Korea silk fabrics, its bibulous strength is good, and feel slippery bright, in the key place can use pure cotton to pay a copy, very comfortable.
Choose male socks, the most important is the yarn composition of the sock. Want to avoid a sock to produce peculiar smell, its are natural fiber content should be in 55 % above. Natural fiber includes cotton, hemp and mulberry silk. Among them, the performance with hemp is most superior. Hemp is had fight bacterium and curb bacterium function naturally, the function of sweat of moisture absorption platoon wants than cotton and chemical fibber advantageous, because this gives a person ” of Gan Shuang of a kind of “ and “ the feeling of cool ” . But contain hemp the sock of 55 % above is compared in home scarce.

photograph comparing, contain cotton to measure the male socks in 55 % above, it is the choice of material benefit of a kind of economy. Cotton is soft and comfortable natural fiber, its hygroscopic, permeability and comfortable sex moderate, the price is cheaper also.

Real silk male socks is compared in the market scarce, but its elegant burnish and exceedingly good comfortable sex were formed high-grade the feature of male socks. Of only a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing is real silk not strong, not wear-resisting.

When the man is choosing a sock, should avoid a few errors. For instance, average person does not choose chemical fibber male socks, male socks is actually medium if do not have ammoniac black silk ribbon (Lai gets stuck) composition, the flexibility of the sock and protect form sex not ideal. More appeared at present what is more,the rather that breed of a few new chemical fibber, moisture absorption and medicinal powder wet effect is OK even excel cotton socks. Additional, a lot of functional sex socks still exist on the market at present, so-called have a variety of curative effect, to this kind of thing, can be businessman tell sb sth only, our see no harm in hearing what will be said, a pair of socks need to produce sanitarian effect to human body, be too difficult really.

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