How to choose socks in our daily life

1.The socks should fit well

The tightness of the socks should be appropriate, the bottom of the socks should be loose, and the heel of the socks should be large. The surface of the sock should be smooth and the rib should be flat without skew. The stitch and the pattern should be clear,and the toe and heel should not have the dropping stitches. If there is any discomfort when you put on the socks, it means that the socks are not suitable.

2.Pay attention to the fiber density

Try not to buy socks that are too loose. Extra fiber will increase friction and damage the skin of your feet. A pair of socks for a few dollars may look fine, but in terms of fiber density, it is inevitable that they will not meet the standard.

3.Avoid too fancy colors

The color of the socks should be match with the shoes, and avoid staining with the shoes. Light-colored socks should be preferred. The brighter the color is, the more chemical ingredients are added to it.