Indoor Slipper Socks

Are you looking for reliable home, hospital indoor slipper socks in China? You have came to the right place! Chaoyu Textile provide fast delivery indoor slipper socks, suitable for United States, United Kindome, Dubai, Maldives, Russia, France and other countries, Buy with confidence !

Our indoor slippers socks are made of a variety of soft and comfortable materials, with a non-slip design at the bottom to prevent your feet from slipping on the wooden or tiled floor.

Very comfortable to wear, these socks are suitable for daily household use and medical use. They are perfect for anyone who wants to increase safety when walking on slippery floors.

It is very suitable for hospital patients, after surgery, nursing homes and the others who want additional safety in any place.

These socks are very similar to the slippers socks provided by hospitals, making them perfect choices for patients and others who need the safety of these non-slip socks for daily wear.