The benefits of cotton socks, How do we wash the cotton socks?

Usually cotton content in more than 75% of the socks can become pure cotton socks, general cotton content in 85% of the socks is very high-grade cotton socks. In addition to cotton socks, also need to add some functional fiber to maintain the socks of elasticity, stretch and comfort. What are the benefits of cotton socks? Are cotton socks deodorant? How do I wash the cotton socks? Below, to understand the next cotton socks knowledge.

Introduction of cotton socks

The cotton content of cotton socks are generally in 70%-85%, other components of 15%-30% of the elastic fiber (such as spandex, nylon and so on). Theoretically speaking, 100% cotton socks are not elastic, so the addition of high-quality elastic fiber (such as lycra) will provide you with a pair of comfortable high-grade cotton socks, 100% cotton socks (except elastic fiber) has become a synonym for high-end comfortable cotton socks.

2 the benefits of cotton socks

Cotton socks with soft and comfortable, not burning feet, not smelly feet, sweat absorption and permeability are very good characteristics. The characteristics of cotton socks sweat absorption will make you feel dry and comfortable in any occasion to wear, put on a pair of smelly feet and not wet and stuffy cotton socks, easy to give foot sweat friends is undoubtedly a great choice.

If it is polyester or acrylic socks made of chemical fiber appearance looks like pure cotton socks, but wear on the foot will appear slippery, foot odor, foot stuffy, etc., foot feeling and comfort is very poor.

3 cotton socks deodorant

From qualitative go up to look from material above all: at present the deodorant socks on market basically divides combed cotton and bamboo fiber two kinds, so what does their distinction have?

  1. For skin contact comfort, bamboo fiber is much more comfortable than pure cotton.
  2. Bamboo fiber is cool, comfortable and sweat absorbent in summer. Cotton is good for winter.
  3. In terms of durability, pure cotton is more durable than bamboo fiber.
  4. Price: bamboo fiber is more expensive than pure cotton.

4 cotton socks

Touch: cotton socks feel plump, thick, look the same thickness of socks, cotton feel delicate texture, quite solid bones.

See: pure cotton socks have “aurora”, with both hands will be socks and try to pull, socks and body downward 45 degrees Angle, to the light source to see whether there is dazzling light flash, if there is, it is proved to be chemical fiber or high chemical fiber components.

Knead: cotton socks knead after the obvious fold, fold the socks with fingernail scraping, unfold after a clear fold, and chemical fiber fabric knead after holding without fold.

Burning: cotton fiber near the flame does not melt does not shrink, contact fire immediately burning, burning smell of burning paper. After burning out was fine and soft gray and white flocculent ashes, no coke.

How do I wash the cotton socks

General cotton socks to wash frequently for frequently, for dirt more cotton socks changed namely on the water soaked for half an hour or so, and then wipe the soap and warm water rub wash, so that dirt is easy to clean away. Put some vinegar in your socks to get rid of the smell. The main component of vinegar is acetic acid, have the effect of cleanness antiseptic, still can eliminate sour odour, it is natural cleaner.

Not only can the stink of purify sock, still can let vinegar seep into the depth of sock fiber to remove dirt thoroughly, still can give sock effective antiseptic at the same time. Vinegar is also a natural softener and brightening agent, which can reduce decoloration of socks and prevent them from becoming stiff and stiff.

As far as possible separate washing, and pay attention to washing before long soak, can effectively extend the service life of socks. When air is basked in, avoid the point-blank of sunshine as far as possible, can make the color of sock maintains longer so time and do not become angry, do not fade. Drying your socks can cause them to age quickly, harden, lose elasticity and shine, and this is especially important.