The classification of the winter fuzzy socks

In our daily life, socks are the necessities, so choosing the right socks is very important. Especially in the cold winter, you must choose warm cozy socks. So how to choose the right cozy socks to keep you warm in winter? And what kind of socks are the warmest? Let’s have a look at the classification of the socks and find out which is the best choice in winter, wool socks or cotton socks?

Rabbit fur socks·

The fiber is soft and fluffy, with good warmth retention and excellent moisture absorption, only one disadvantage of low strength. Most of them are blended. Commonly the content is 70% rabbit hair and 30% nylon.

Wool socks·

Wool socks are socks made of wool. Generally, the content of wool in wool socks ranges from 20%-30%. Wool socks have good elasticity, full-hand feeling, strong moisture absorption and good warmth retention. They are not easy to stain, with soft luster and excellent dyeability, which are very suitable for the  winter climate in southern areas.

Cotton socks·

Cotton has the high performance of hygroscopicity, moisture retention, heat resistance, alkali resistance, and hygiene. It has no irritation or negative effects in contact with the skin. Also,it is beneficial to the human body when worn for a long time. Usually, socks with cotton content of more than 75% can be called cotton socks.

Combed cotton socks

Combed cotton fibers are long and neat cotton fibers that are left after the shorter fibers removed by a machine called a comber. Due to the removal of short cotton fibers and other fiber impurities, the cotton yarn spun from combed cotton is more delicate, and the finished product also feels smoother and more comfortable. Combed cotton is more tough and not easy to pilling.

Spandex socks

Spandex is commonly known as elastic fiber, which has high elasticity and strong stretchability. Its stretched length can reach 5-7 times of the original fiber. Textile products with spandex can maintain the original contour. Spandex can make the socks have elasticity and shrinkage, making it easier to wear, and also make the socks more fit to the feet.

Wood pulp fiber socks

Wood pulp fiber is fine and very soft. It has good color fastness,which makes the colour brighter.With good drape and unique silky feel, it is soft and smooth, even softer than cotton. It has natural antibacterial function, strong water absorption, air permeability and oil discharge and decontamination ability.

The wool socks are with the strongest warmth followed by rabbit fur socks. However, both of these socks are easier to shed, depending on whether you can accept it.

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