What kind of socks do you have? Classification of boat socks

The origin of boat socks

boat socks emerged in the early 1980s, when tennis attire took off. The classic style, with two fluffy balls at the ankles, was back in fashion in the mid-2000s, but has since morphed into a variety of styles, mainly to match skateboard outfits, followed by shorts or skirts.

Some schoolgirls are wearing, because want to show leg ministry curve completely, the sock highlights a portion not to look good, can wear invisible sock so, it is to be worn when athletic or when walking recreational style commonly, it is to match knickers or hot pants normally. In fact, the boat socks are different, there is a kind of cotton, socks cover to the instep, the authentic is generally silk, sometimes wear princess shoes can not see. One even has a toe.

boat socks originally originated in Japan, used in the house to wear barefoot, now popular in the whole world, is a kind of socks in the instep opening, after the appearance of the ship, so named “boat socks”, boat socks can have a lot of different styles: jacquard, warp knitted fabric cutting and sewing, adding sponge cushion, socks mouth lace lace and so on.

Classification of boat socks

boat socks have lace boat socks, cotton boat socks, Korean version of boat socks invisible boat socks. Socks itself is a kind of socks, how can there be classification? But in fact, there are different socks, there is a kind of socks (usually cotton), socks cover to the instep, in fact, this kind of socks is not strictly the sense of socks.

Authentic boat socks are as shown in the picture. They are usually made of silk, and sometimes you can’t see them in princess shoes. There is even a kind of boat socks only tiptoe part.

boat socks can also be divided into full boat socks and suspender boat socks.

Maintenance of boat socks

  1. Take special care not to scratch the surface of jewelry and nails when wearing or taking off socks
  2. Prevent heel calving during the dry season
  3. Always check whether the inside of the shoes is flat to prevent unnecessary wear and tear caused by sundries
  4. Wash with neutral detergent in warm water, do not wring dry, dry towel adsorption of excess water

Let dry in a cool place

Don’t do it in the sun or ironing.


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