7 tips on how to match plush stockings and silk stockings

  1. General principle: The matching of stockings needs to pay attention to the individual’s hairstyle, skin color, age, and clothes color at the same time.
  2. People who are not tall enough are not suitable towear silk stockings with too large mesh.
  3. Color stockings can be matched with shoes in contrast color. Such as yellow socks with purple shoes, red socks with black shoes, if the temperament is good enough, green socks can be bold with red shoes.
  4. The hot pants can be matched with the bottoming silk stockings.
  5. The silk stockings themselves can be mixed and matched: such as red long stockings with black middle stockings.
  6. The five-point pants of transparent silk stockings can be mixed with short skirts, which looks very playful, but there are requirements for age, it is best not to match this way if you are over 30.
  7. Transparent or colorful silk stockings can be matched with pull-back shoes and sports sweaters, which are full of vitality.

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