A simple guide to classification of all kinds of socks

Socks is a general term. According to the raw materials, there are: cotton yarn socks, wool socks, silk stockings and various chemical fiber socks; according to the shape, there are: boat socks, short socks (two bones), tube socks, knee socks ( Three-bone socks), stockings (four-bone / thigh socks), two-toed socks, five-toed socks, etc. According to the use of objects: men’s socks, women’s socks, children’s socks, and elderly socks. Next, we will explain to you according to the shape of the socks, so that you can have a deeper understanding of the types of socks.

Boat Socks

Boat socks are very short socks, so short that the socks cannot be seen after wearing the shoes (or only the edges of the socks are seen). The name “boat socks” is because the shape of the socks is like a boat, because the length is as long as the ankle. Therefore, they are also called “ankle socks”, “boat socks”, and “super socks”. In Taiwan, they are mostly called “invisible socks”. Boat socks are generally divided into three types: ultra-light models with high heels or single shoes, medium-light models with peasy shoes, and low-light models with sports shoes.

Short socks

Short socks are a kind of sock with the length of the sock body to the ankle. When worn, it wraps the whole or half of the ankle to reduce the friction between the feet and the shoes, keep the feet warm, and absorb sweat. Short socks are worn when wearing shoes that cover the entire ankle, such as sneakers, boots, and leather shoes.

Mid-tube socks

Mid-tube sock is a sock with a body length of 5 to 10 cm above the ankle. It is longer than short socks, which can better maintain the temperature of the feet and absorb sweat. Most of the mid-tube socks are worn with high-top shoes, such as high-top sneakers, short boots, short leather shoes, etc. With the increase in styles of mid-tube socks, as a popular match, they are worn during more and more occasions.

High socks

High socks are a kind of socks with a body length of 10-20 cm above the ankle. They are longer than middle tube socks, about to the calf. They are mainly used to keep warm and protect the legs. They are often worn in autumn and winter.

Knee socks

Knee-length socks are a kind of socks that reach the knee or lower than the knee, and are standard equipment for school uniforms in many areas. A few school regulations stipulate that regardless of whether boys or girls are matched with student uniforms, most of them are cotton knee socks, mainly in dark colors (such as black, dark blue) and white, depending on the school rules or school spirit.

Over-knee socks / thigh socks

Over-knee socks are socks whose length is between the knees and thighs. Over-knee socks are commonly used in retro style and Japanese fashion. If your calf is too thick, it is best not to choose over-knee stockings, which will cause your leg shape defects exposed. Due to the prevalence of retro style, Over-knee socks have become a popular trend. Mix and match in early autumn, the status of over-knee socks can not be ignored.

Five-toed socks

Five-toed socks are also a kind of socks. There is a design to put on the toes individually, and each toe is separated after wearing. Five-toed socks are also called five-finger socks and toe socks. The most powerful part of five-toed socks is its thermal insulation effect. According to experiments, the temperature of the feet wearing five-toed socks and the feet wearing ordinary socks are completely different after a whole day; and separating the toes is helpful for health and can prevent bacterial infection. When the weather is cold, then put on warm and cute five-toed socks to take care of your feet after a hard day. There are more people with sweaty feet. Wearing five-toed socks, the socks can suck sweat from your toes, instead of staying between the toes .

Bubble socks

Bubble socks, also known as elephant socks, are a kind of socks popular among Japanese high school and junior high school girls. Derived from the English “loose socks”, it is named because it wears loosely on the feet and looks like it falls off.


Pantyhose, also known as panty-hose, tights or stockings, is clothing that tightly wraps the body from the waist to the feet. At present, most pantyhose are designed for women to wear, and some are worn by men. Like stockings, there are many materials, such as core-spun silk, velvet, cotton, nylon, and wool blends. Pantyhose appeared in the 1960s and became another optional lower body garment for stockings. Pantyhose designed for women to wear is generally positioned to show the beauty of women’s feet, which is generally not found in pantyhose designed for men. According to the different positions, it can be divided into: T pantyhose, bikini pantyhose, plus pantyhose, neutral pantyhose, pregnant woman plus pantyhose and pantyhose; according to the difference of the feet , Is divided into: open-toe pantyhose, heel pantyhose, nine-point pantyhose.

Suspender pantyhose

Suspender pantyhose consists of two parts, thigh socks and garter belt. The garter belt is tied on the thigh socks with a ribbon or elastic band, and the upper end is tied at the edge of the waistband to prevent the thigh socks from slipping off.

Body stockings / one-piece stockings

The so-called one-piece stockings are a kind of silk stockings wrapped up with the body. It is a kind of sexy stockings. At present, only a few major erotic underwear manufacturers have launched them. There are two main types of one-piece stockings according to the fabric. One is the common one-piece stockings. , there is also a one-piece fishnet stockings.

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