Standards For Socks Selection

  1. The sock mouth and sock tube should be tight and suitable, the bottom of the sock should be loose, the heel of the sock should be large, the surface of the sock should be smooth, the groove should be even and without skewing, the needle pattern is clear, and the pattern, sock head and heel of the sock should not be exposed.


2.Try to match the color with the inside of shoes. When buying children’s socks, give priority to light colors.


  1. Give priority to socks with cotton fiber and appropriate amount of elastic fiber.


  1. Considering its use and wearing objects, wear should be soft and wear-resistant when exercising; Sweat feet should choose both breathable and hygroscopic cotton socks, dry cracked feet on the purchase of poor hygroscopic polyester socks and nylon socks; Children socks to try to choose a simple organizational structure, light color, smooth surface socks, do not choose a dotted line exposed to the outside of socks.


  1. When washing socks, do not force kneading, to prevent socks in the strong friction after the slithering or broken silk socks; The water temperature of washing socks should not exceed 40℃, otherwise it will make the socks shrink after being heated, sole decrescent, and even make socks hardening, deterioration.


In order to maintain the original luster of socks, it is best not to use too much soap containing alkali, as long as after rubbing with hands, rinse with water, put in a cool and ventilated place dry.


In addition, the selection, but also to see whether the tightness of socks fit. If the hosiery is too tight, might as well use cardboard box hosiery to hold up, with a steam iron in the hosiery lightly  pressed, can easily to the hosiery “fat”.