Identification Of Bamboo Charcoal Fiber Socks

Bamboo fiber socks in the market for a long time, by virtue of antibacterial and deodorant characteristics, attracted a wave of people to buy.But others say bamboo socks are a concept that doesn’t work at all.So what is bamboo fiber?

Bamboo fiber as the name suggests is from the natural bamboo as raw material, extract processing production of bamboo fiber, without any chemical additives, worsted and become.Its bamboo fiber has a unique porous structure, with strong moisture absorption and dehumidification, which can effectively absorb sweat, remove peculiar smell and make feet all-weather fresh and comfortable.

In addition, the perfect ductility and stretching force of bamboo fiber make the socks of this fabric not tight and not easy to relax, just like the second layer of skin of human body, which can closely fit with the feet and has no sense of bondage, which helps to keep the blood circulation of human body unobstructed. Whether it is in the daily office or doing exercise, it makes you natural and relaxed.

The sock that has many brand on market hit “bamboo fiber” sign, if permeability is good in some respects, antistatic, environmental protection, make use of it as knitted fabrics, absorb wet air, smooth and cool drape;As clothing fabrics, fabric quite broad bright, all show noble demeanor;As bedding, cool and comfortable;As a sock bath towel, antibacterial, deodorant tasteless.Although the price is slightly higher than other fabrics, but its performance is also other fabrics can not be compared.

For those who suffer from foot odor, which works best, bamboo socks or cotton socks?

Say cotton socks first, actually good cotton socks, basically be to use best cotton, namely what we often say combed cotton is woven, quality respect won’t be inferior to the sock of bamboo fiber.And the characteristic of cotton fiber is close skin can endure wear, because this is on wear-resisting degree, the performance of cotton socks is very good.But to the person with more foot sweat, just close skin already insufficient, more need breathable and bacteriostatic, what ability maintains foot ministry is dry and cool and comfortable.Bamboo fiber socks will be better for the moisture absorption, which is more able to sweat and odor.

Bamboo fiber is a kind of cellulose fiber extracted from naturally growing bamboo, which belongs to natural fiber, while bamboo pulp fiber is a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber in chemical fiber. First, bamboo is made into bamboo pulp suitable for spinning, and then bamboo pulp fiber is obtained by wet spinning.The production process is similar to that of viscose.Bamboo charcoal fiber is the first bamboo charcoal, in processing into fiber.

Compared with bamboo charcoal fiber, bamboo charcoal fiber is more soft, loose and feels better. However, the color of bamboo charcoal fiber is generally gray and black, and it is rough, not very soft and loose and feels better.

Using natural bamboo fiber socks, bamboo fiber does not contain any chemical additives, soft and silky, wet absorption capability is strong, effective antibacterial, UV protection, ensure the environmental protection, green, health, more reveal human nature concern, with six efficacy and bamboo fiber has better ductility and tensile force, not tight, not flabby, snug, as if the body’s second skin, and a perfect body joint, the consistence, helps to keep blood circulation unobstructed, whether in the daily office or do exercise, make you relaxed, no bound feeling.