Filar socks most enjoy some much thinner

Problem: The classification of socks wanting silk has a variety of (do not know what silk socks to feel have feel quite, compare for example comfortable etc) because my sweetheart also likes me to wear filar socks, nevertheless he often says to feel feel of it doesn’t matter, I also feel is, so I want to ask you to help (best very sexy the sort of) . How many MONEY, what differs with other silk socks. . . Can buy which get.

Solve: The thinnest it is 5D! Encounter my this expert fortunately, I myself also like a lady to wear filar socks, one pile was bought to wife in the home. Ah breathe out ~~~ , select a proposal to you so

The first is the question that you ask, I looked for some of material ——
Nylon silk socks with its intensity is higher, wearability is better, bounce is better scene half century.

The silk that wrap core is the more popular filar socks raw material on the market, it is to show with nylon silk wraps Fu or winding is on silk of ammoniac black silk ribbon formation ammoniac fishing line wraps core silk, the filar socks that with Bao Xin silk braids, divide the character that has nylon silk softness, still have the advantage of tall flexibility of ammoniac black silk ribbon.
PS: Tell the truth the filar socks that I feel this kind of material is qualitative is feel is best, love to blow silk namely, do not pass opinions differ from each other, individual opinion offers reference only

Velvet silk socks, its raw material uses gauze of one-way bag core or yarn of two-way bag core entirely, braided sock bounce is tall, feel softness, exquisite diaphaneity is better than nylon silk socks, the vision is decorous, durable wear-resisting rate is high, have a bit inferior smooth, heat preservation.

Ultrathin model velvet socks, use gentler than sending silk high-tech superfine fibber weaving of completely stretch silk, simple sense continous is close meticulous, tactility is slender be like silk, glittering and translucent and transparent, have good permeability.

Amount to especially (Tactel) is the high-tech that research and development of Du Bang company comes out gets together fat amine fiber, its tactility is soft, permeability beautiful, dress is close-fitting and comfortable, with the fabric that Tactel makes, careful, breathe freely, soft, comfortable fight knit, fabrics burnish takes a person, clothings is like every day new.

D: It is to point to unit of sock fibrous fibber number, every 9000 meters of fiber weigh how many gram to weigh how many D. Billow Sha series is at present velvet in socks, cent 6D“ is thin after all ” , 10D ultrathin, 50D, 80D, 120D, 150D, 300D goes to ultrathin, 15D 2000D differs. General summer can be chosen ultrathin, year season can choose 50D, 80D, 120D, 150D, winter can choose 300D above the velvet socks of especially thick heat preservation. The ply of 1600D basically as about the same as common cotton trousers. The silk that wrap core is thin model.