The knowledge of professional sport socks of outdoors motion

Between current daily life and athletic sports, the sock always is couldn’t get take seriously duely, the sock is the foil of appropriative shoe all the time, think to basically rely on a shoe to protect a base all the time since people is long-term, but, want to notice the sock is the as closest as the foot, if the choice of the sock is undeserved, immediate harm can be caused to the foot like the shoe.
Everybody introduction gives the data with commonly used sock below:

Cotton is traditional natural fiber, also be comfortable degree of more expensive spin stuff, still be in till today many use. Nevertheless, to athletic sports, especially the requirement of outdoors motion, the function of cotton itself has very big limitation. Cotton fibrous is hygroscopic very good, the rate of moisture absorption is very rapid, but the platoon is wet washed-up, after cotton fiber became wet, dry meeting is very slow. So, if do not have very good logistics to furnish, the sock of pure cotton is not worn as far as possible in outdoors activity, have the activity of much day in rainy summer especially, cotton socks is in drenched later, very can dangerous.

Abb also is a kind of traditional natural fiber, it is celebrated with good warmth retention property, but, common abb suits to make a sock not quite, must choose material to pledge taller abb, be like: Australian MERINO WOOL (beautiful slave abb) , NEW WOOL (new hair) wait, it is the material of very good underwear and sock. Nevertheless, a lot of people can discover, what do underclothes thing directly with abb is very few, although have, the price is higher also, this basically is decided by the structural character of abb itself. Below microscope, can see abb fiber has a lot of scale, arrange leaf of bamboo shoot of elephant having a place, and the tip that the coping of each scale has a cutin to change, the needle that this cutin changes makes easily adhesion phenomenon produces between abb fiber, make drive again stick, in the meantime, the needle that this cutin changes makes abb is in again close-fitting when the feeling that can have itchy, so, when the close-fitting clothing and other articles of daily use that if choose abb material,makes sock and so on, the pointed take out that must change this cutin, the cost of this processing is relative taller, this is to cause one of main reasons with expensive product. The character of abb itself is heat preservation, at the same time its hygroscopic with the platoon wet poorer, in with other staple blending or mix after knitting, can make socks of very good winter heat preservation.

Black silk ribbon of Lai card, ammonia and oak muscle are stretch material completely. Lai blocks the registered trade mark that is American Du Bang company, a kind also be ammoniac black silk ribbon actually, call Lai to block ammoniac human relations again so, just be should be close friends more than common ammonia black silk ribbon on processing, its are extended and reply sex has comparatived, and not easy ageing, now, the sock of very much open trademark chooses Lai card to make stretch material. Oak muscle is actual it is elastic, want with what will make a sock of course fine much, with gauze fine, be in sock of the interweave in production process, oak muscle compares easy ageing, be being corroded by sweat or meet after the severe cold of classics winter weather lose former some very easily to extend sex of peace conference answer, compare costly sock so like the professional sport socks to outdoors motion for, this one character makes it not quite economic accounting. Nevertheless, japan has anything resembling a tendon or vein of a kind of oak now, hear abiding and durable sex is very good, still extending phase.