Some little knowledge of different socks you should to know

How much sweat does the person’s feet produce every day?According to wikipedia, it’s 240 milliliters — a kilo a day.Scary?So the primary function of socks is not to keep warm, but to absorb sweat and help sweat evaporate better.This is the main reason why people prefer cotton socks to nylon socks even in summer — nylon doesn’t absorb sweat.

We all understand this.As a result, sports socks are often woven thick.Here we can think of a corollary: when wearing leather shoes, assume that the socks are too thin, which is generally not comfortable.

For men, wearing a pair of socks in a suit is a basic requirement on severe occasions, casual or even sports from time to time show a pair of coquettes socks, are attributed to the fine bonus.For ladies, the temptation of silk stockings, needless to say, is to follow the trend in stockings and leggings to show a little style and level, of course, is also excellent.

Cotton is the driest material for socks.Generally speaking, the better the cotton yarn, the more comfortable the socks.Here to dispel a common misconception: “pure cotton” is not necessarily good!Due to the poor elasticity of natural cotton yarn, it is necessary to blend polyester fiber (such as spandex) with certain amount of fiber to make socks comfortable and fit feet and have excellent weather resistance.Suppose someone sells you socks that claim to be “100% cotton.”

Wool is another common material that features great warmth but is relatively expensive.General work is not used, but in the absence of heating indoor socks as home is a good choice.

Polyester fiber, such as nylon, spandex, polyester, acrylic……They are characterized by good elasticity, but poor absorption of sweat, and some will attack odor.Therefore, it is not recommended to wear socks made of high percentage polyester fiber (silk socks on the outside, because there is no better way).A certain amount (say, 5-10%) of polyester blends is necessary in cotton or wool.Generally speaking, socks blended with spandex/lycra are of better quality.

For example, silk and bamboo fibers are smooth and shiny, but have poor wear resistance.Modell (essence is a cellulose regeneration fiber) luster is good, but the absorption of sweat is poor;The hollow fiber of some high-tech fabrics specially developed for sports scenes may have better function of sweat conduction.Still have the fiber of all sorts of did not hear of propaganda of a few businessman, need not be used surely, but the composition that often is sale is bigger than product itself.

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