How to choose infant socks?

Can a baby wear socks?

The answer is yes, and yes, it is necessary.Baby feet heat fast, easy to catch cold, put on socks for the baby, to protect the feet will not catch cold, should be regardless of winter and summer also wear.In addition, wearing socks outside can also protect against mosquito bites.The baby’s feet grow a little bit every day, and only by buying the right socks can they adapt to the growth of their feet without making them feel uncomfortable.

For the sake of their baby’s health, mothers should know how to choose their baby’s socks.When selecting, pay attention to:

  1. The best fabric for socks is cotton.Can choose cotton or the sock of 90% above cotton, absolutely cannot choose nylon sock to the baby, although nylon sock is thinner, but it is airtight, may cause foot moss.When selecting, please read the product description in detail;


  1. Suitable sock size.Too little can affect the ability of a baby’s feet to develop.General choice than the actual length of the bottom of the feet of the baby big or small 1 cm socks can be;


3. choose socks to choose the seam solid solid, socks head socks soles thick socks;


4. the best baby supplies store to choose a brand of socks, such quality will be guaranteed.Do not be greedy for the convenience of a moment and buy socks in the stalls or informal shop, buy the quality of socks often unqualified, most of the poor quality of cotton or a large number of fine fiber mixing;


  1. Choose socks according to the season.What each season wears is different, summer should choose thin cotton socks, permeability is good, can absorb sweat;Spring and autumn choose pure cotton socks, than thin cotton socks more thick, tight;Choose pure wool or cashmere socks in winter to keep warm;


  1. Carefully inspect both inside and outside socks.When choosing socks, to carefully check the work, mainly to see whether there are threads, beads, beads and other decorative pieces;


7. color as simple as possible.Do not choose the sock with bright color, often such sock chemical composition is high, go against baby health.