Cozy Knit Cabled Socks

Artist Ksenia Naidyon leads a handknit socks workshop featuring three unique cabled patterns — so all knitters, intermediate to advanced will have a cozy sock pattern that is perfectly comfortable for both their feet and their skill level. While this is an intermediate-level workshop, beginners will be ready for the challenge as we’ve included the materials and guides you need to be able to knit your own cozy socks.

Our workshop is focused on how to work with double pointed needles to learn sock construction and to knit a pair in tandem. The knitting technique we’re honing in on is cabling with all of it’s beautiful twists, turns and texture. All three designs will include how to read a pattern, knit following a chart, use double pointed needles (all five at once!), and learn classic knit sock construction. Our standard kit includes a wool sock yarn (with a touch of nylon for durability) chosen by Ksenia as a yarn designed for everyday use. Wear with boots or tread through the house and enjoy the wool qualities of traditional sock yarn for a wonderful pair of socks perfect for cooler weather.


We are also offering a hand-dyed Merino wool-silk yarn blend ‘kit upgrade’. Subtly softer, this Merino upgrade is for the yarn connoisseur that enjoys variegated hand-dyed details. Dyed in small batches by Sarah Pederson of The dye project in Santa Cruz, California, we’ve curated four beautiful colors for our house-sock wearers. This specialized yarn will wear more quickly but is perfect for indoor lounging — they’ll be the first thing you’ll pull on as you crawl out of bed each morning for that first cup of coffee. Upgrading your kit means you’ll receive three skeins from our hand-dyer instead of our wool sock yarn.

Either yarn you choose, you’ll end up with the coziest of socks. Ksenia starts off guiding us through a basic sock pattern, then leads us through two additional sock patterns — each more detailed than the previous. By the end you’ll be a cable knit master. From a simple mock cable to a complex intertwining Aran braid, to intricate details like knitting bobbles, this workshop will give you the cable needle, tapestry needle and the skills to embellish any of your handknits. Add cables to your sweaters, hats, scarves, and home decor to make your life a bit more cozy.


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