Four types of socks for babies

Wearing socks is necessary for babies. Without socks, babies’ feet lose an effective layer of protection, especially when wearing open-toe sandals, which can easily cause foot injury. At the same time, not wearing socks will also make the babies’ tender foot skin become dry and rough, even cause the formation of foot pad.

Wearing socks is good for babies’ health. There are four kinds of socks for babies.


1.Non-slip socks:

Non-slip socks are socks with soft plastic patterns on the soles of the feet. Non-slip socks are good choices for babies because babies’center of gravity is unstable, it is easy for them to fall on the smooth floor. On this level, non-slip socks are the necessities for babies.

The suggestion is that the family with babies in home not to install the stone floor. Stone floor is easy to slip, causing the baby to fall. Also the stone floor is cold, the baby can easily catch cold. Putting on a pair of soft pad on the floor is a good method which can prevent slippery.


  1. Thin cotton socks:

In summer, thin cotton socks are better for babies. But when we choose the thin cotton socks, we should pay more attention to the color. Darker colors should be avoided because the sweat may cause the decolorization and so be harmful to babies’ health. Lighter the socks are, safer they will be.

Do not use the antiperspirant and deodorant for babies’ socks (including shoes and insoles), and replace them with daily cleaning.


3.Pure cotton socks:

For spring and autumn, thick pure cotton socks are better than thin cotton socks. Remember not to buy socks sold on the street or in unreliable shops, which will often be mixed with inferior cotton or lots of acrylic materials. Please buy 100% or 90% genuine cotton products for babies.


  1. Wool/cashmere socks:

Winter socks for babies should be made of pure wool or cashmere. Some mothers may choose tight socks for girls, especially high-elastic nylon socks. However the texture of the baby’s socks should not be acrylic or too tight. Socks may have a certain elasticity, that means a small amount of lycra ingredients, but the main ingredients must be cotton or wool.

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