The matching guide of loose socks

Loose socks are very popular nowadays. If you often pay attention to few fashionable trends, you may catch that loose socks, which origin from Japan, become very hot now. They are often used by fashionable people to match clothes, if matched well, it can have very perfect adornment effect. About how to match, you can refer to the following ways.


  1. Wearing it with a skirt

Summer is the season for skirts, pleated skirts or dresses are very popular between girls. Then a dress with a pair of loose socks is a perfect choice. But remember if you’re wearing a dress, a pair of nude shoes or ankle boots can make you look more adorable.


  1. Wearing it with a coat

A lot of people like to buy a coat as an item in winter. If you want to give your coat more personalized factors, choose the loose socks of same or similar color with the coat. If you pay attention to the clothing collocation, then you will get a good first impression. Sometimes, it can also make you more charmful and confident.


  1. Wearing it with shorts

Nowadays, teenagers tend to pursue the style of fashion and youth .They wear stylish clothes which also contain the factor of literature and art, which can also be understood are the style of “Sen Culture”. So how to integrate loose socks into this culture? You can wear loose socks with shorts. Teenagers also fond of short styles as it can make them look younger and more energetic. Shorts with a sweater or a shirt are also popular wearing style. In addition, you can choose a pair of medium boots or a pair of canvas shoes.


The last is how to choose the color of socks. Ginger red, dark red are more in line with this style, but if you want a little diversified, you can choose beige or light gray.


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