What is the sock production process?

Socks are shaped products. Knitting a complete shape of socks, the weaving method and process, due to the type of socks and socks machine characteristics are different, there are generally the following forms.

In the single-needle hosiery machine editor’s note knitted socks, socks are finished in the rib machine, can also be lined with elastic thread or spandex rib socks. Then the stocking mouth through the set of thorn disk transfer to the stocking machine needle, and then woven socks, reinforcement ring, socks, holding the end of the transverse part, etc., after the machine is only a stocking head open stocking blank. After the end of the machine will be stitched into socks. It takes three machines to weave a sock.

Flat socks are knitted on the hosiery folding machine, which can automatically lift and fold to form a flat needle double layer of hosiery. The other kind of hosiery machine can weave flat needle cushion rubber or spandex false rib on the hosiery machine.

Other machines can also be woven into a single mouth, double mouth, etc., after the completion of weaving and weaving other parts. These kinds of socks after the machine will be sewn by the end of the socks machine. It takes only two machines to weave a sock.

The double needle tube hosiery machine is provided with two upper and lower needles. The ribbed top and blank parts can be knitted on the hosiery machine, but the stitching head is still needed after the machine is off. It’s a two-step process.


The sock is transferred to the syringe through the needle plate, which is called the “socket”, and the sock head is sewn, which is called the “seam head”. These two processes are characterized by high labor intensity, low production efficiency and consumption of raw materials. After technical innovation, our country has developed a unique style of “single-program automatic hosiery machine”, so that the three processes of hosiery mouth, hosiery and hosiery stitching are formed on a hosiery machine.

Second, the socks production process.


From the raw material into the factory to the finished socks factory also need to go through many processes, successively through each process must be in accordance with a certain way and requirements, in a certain condition, the whole process is the socks production process.

Hosiery factory production process must be based on the performance of raw materials, finished product requirements, equipment and other conditions. Reasonable technology can shorten the production cycle and achieve high quality, high yield and low cost.

Before the product is put into production, it mainly goes through several steps of sample, duplicate sample, examination and approval and put into production. The processing of raw materials includes dyeing before weaving and weaving before dyeing, and the process is determined according to the conditions of products, raw materials and equipment.

At present, most cotton stockings and elastic nylon stockings are dyed before they are woven, while plain cotton stockings and nylon stockings are woven before they are dyed. Take four kinds of socks as an example, and briefly list the production process.

Fancy cotton stockings

Wringing raw materials to cooking to mercerizing to dyeing to winding yarn to knitting rib to stockings to inspection to seam head to inspection to ironing socks to finish the finished product factory.

Stretch nylon stockings

Hank packaging materials dyeing winding silk knitting rib mouth stockings inspection seam head inspection finalizing the design finishing finished products factory.

Plain cotton stockings

Tube loading raw materials winding silk knitting rib mouth knitting socks inspection seam head inspection dyeing ironing socks finishing finished products factory.

Nylon stockings

Tube loading raw materials to the luo kou luo kou stereotypes stockings to inspection seam head to inspection the first stereotypes dyeing the second stereotypes finishing finished products factory.

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