The summer half years old ago also should wear a sock

The summer of streaming with sweat, when parents are choosing the child’s dress meticulously, facing all sorts of beautiful small socks always is very hesitant, say the child is afraid of than adult cold, but so hot weather, find sth useful, can you cover bad? Liu Jiping of director of center of health care of children of Beijing children hospital suggests, even if in summer, half years old of the following child also had better wear double sock.


Director Liu says, half years old of the following child because lunar age is small still, the skin is puerile, very finite to the perceptive reaction of the outside. So, wear a sock to be able to have certain protective effect to their bound feet bifurcation, also can avoid to be when thermal drop is small at the same time, darling catch a cold. However, the summer after all air temperature is higher, when the sock that selects baby, not too thick, otherwise quantity of heat sends out hard, cover easily foot, adverse to health.


Additional, skin of the darling in summer and the opportunity grow in quantity that outside ambient contacts, dirt or besmirch pass through the skin very easily, enter darling system inside, increase the chance of infection. And if put on a pair of socks, OK escape and the contact of these harmful material, reduce infection.


Of course, the parent goes up in the problem that whether wears a sock to darling, also should master neatly. If indoor temperature exceeds 30 Celsius, door window leaves aptly, darling need not be used wear a sock; But if indoor temperature is too low extremely flabby perhaps calm, should wear double sock, in order to assure crural ministry not catch cold catch cold; If darling constitution all the time very poor, and fall ill very easily, this explains his resistance is very weak, below this kind of circumstance, had better not take off a sock, in order to enhance its strength.


What spread on some families ground is plastic makeup, the formaldehyde on makeup reachs the harmful material such as lead, possible meeting is touched go up in darling foot, still should wear a sock at this moment so, in order to separate these harmful material; If the parent takes darling to go out, want to put on a sock to him likewise, in case abrupt storm or meet restoration of reactionary rule, bring about catch a cold to fall ill.


In addition, when darling is wearing leather sandal, had better wear double thin sock, otherwise their bound feet bifurcation is very easy by worn-out.

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