Socks – Winter fashion items

  1. Floor fuzzy socks

In the cold winter, floor socks are a must-have item at home. There are many styles of floor socks, including color and solid color. You can choose them according to your preference. Solid color can show simple and relaxed temperament, if you go out, you can choose your favorite style, or match the color of the clothes. Of course, the younger generation prefer the floor socks with personality, which can make them more attractive.

  1. Nifty small lovely stockings

If the pure color is the representative of simplicity and lightness, then the heart embellishment added on the socks makes them full of lovely and playful. In winter, as long as a pair of socks, you can turn into a lovely elf with any kind of shoes you wear. You can’t miss such a design if you like simplicity and individuality.


  1.  College-style loose socks

Loose socks not only have a unique appearance, but also very comfortable. They must be the popular elements of winter fashion. Loose socks are especially loved by many girls. Loose socks break the traditional design, and some of them are also added stripe elements, which can make the whole look full of energy. A pair of college-style loose socks can let you return to the youth age, which are undoubtedly the hot item in winter.


  1.  Sweetlove pattern socks

In fact, in winter, in addition to loose socks, socks decorated with love patterns are also irresistible. Love patterns can instantly let girls have a playful and lovely feeling, as to further make a very sweet atmosphere. The socks with love pattern actually are daily items, simple but charmful.


In winter, socks can be both warm and fashionable. You can choose different kinds of socks according to your own needs. Whether it’s the warm floor socks or the lovely loose socks, they will both add vitality and color to your life in winter.

How to choose socks for Martin boots

Today we will talk about how to match Martin boots with socks. With the popularity of Martin boots, matching has become more and more important.


  1. Martin boots with white striped socks

Martin boots can be paired with black and white striped socks, which can make you look more energetic. Young people are also fond of the stylish with black sweater and jeans, that’s they call it-“fashion”. If it is cold, you can wear a woolen coat to keep yourself warmer.


  1. Brown Martin boots with short socks

The brown Martin boots are usually used to match with the cropped pants, which can help show the thin legs. At this time, you can choose the socks that are shorter than shoes. Brown Martin boots with short socks can make you look younger and fashionable. In addition, if coupled with leather clothes, the whole image will be better.


  1. Khaki Martin boots with gray stockings

Khaki Martin boots with gray stockings will pull the stockings out of the trousers, so that not only the trousers will not run, but also it will keep you warm. In addition, it can also easily create a trendy image. The scarf can be selected as gray as to match with the socks, and the coat can also be chosen with the similar color of shoes. The same color system will have a more comfortable feeling.


  1. Brown Martin boots with color striped socks

Brown Martin boots with black striped socks will look very rough visually. But if you match it with colorful striped socks and black leather skirt, it will be fashionable and youthful.


  1. Martin boots with loose socks

Martin boots with loose socks can give people a refreshing feeling and leave a visually vibrant impression. You can match with plaid skirts and shirts, which adds the sense of layering to the overall shape.


The matching guide of loose socks

Loose socks are very popular nowadays. If you often pay attention to few fashionable trends, you may catch that loose socks, which origin from Japan, become very hot now. They are often used by fashionable people to match clothes, if matched well, it can have very perfect adornment effect. About how to match, you can refer to the following ways.


  1. Wearing it with a skirt

Summer is the season for skirts, pleated skirts or dresses are very popular between girls. Then a dress with a pair of loose socks is a perfect choice. But remember if you’re wearing a dress, a pair of nude shoes or ankle boots can make you look more adorable.


  1. Wearing it with a coat

A lot of people like to buy a coat as an item in winter. If you want to give your coat more personalized factors, choose the loose socks of same or similar color with the coat. If you pay attention to the clothing collocation, then you will get a good first impression. Sometimes, it can also make you more charmful and confident.


  1. Wearing it with shorts

Nowadays, teenagers tend to pursue the style of fashion and youth .They wear stylish clothes which also contain the factor of literature and art, which can also be understood are the style of “Sen Culture”. So how to integrate loose socks into this culture? You can wear loose socks with shorts. Teenagers also fond of short styles as it can make them look younger and more energetic. Shorts with a sweater or a shirt are also popular wearing style. In addition, you can choose a pair of medium boots or a pair of canvas shoes.


The last is how to choose the color of socks. Ginger red, dark red are more in line with this style, but if you want a little diversified, you can choose beige or light gray.


Four types of socks for babies

Wearing socks is necessary for babies. Without socks, babies’ feet lose an effective layer of protection, especially when wearing open-toe sandals, which can easily cause foot injury. At the same time, not wearing socks will also make the babies’ tender foot skin become dry and rough, even cause the formation of foot pad.

Wearing socks is good for babies’ health. There are four kinds of socks for babies.


1.Non-slip socks:

Non-slip socks are socks with soft plastic patterns on the soles of the feet. Non-slip socks are good choices for babies because babies’center of gravity is unstable, it is easy for them to fall on the smooth floor. On this level, non-slip socks are the necessities for babies.

The suggestion is that the family with babies in home not to install the stone floor. Stone floor is easy to slip, causing the baby to fall. Also the stone floor is cold, the baby can easily catch cold. Putting on a pair of soft pad on the floor is a good method which can prevent slippery.


  1. Thin cotton socks:

In summer, thin cotton socks are better for babies. But when we choose the thin cotton socks, we should pay more attention to the color. Darker colors should be avoided because the sweat may cause the decolorization and so be harmful to babies’ health. Lighter the socks are, safer they will be.

Do not use the antiperspirant and deodorant for babies’ socks (including shoes and insoles), and replace them with daily cleaning.


3.Pure cotton socks:

For spring and autumn, thick pure cotton socks are better than thin cotton socks. Remember not to buy socks sold on the street or in unreliable shops, which will often be mixed with inferior cotton or lots of acrylic materials. Please buy 100% or 90% genuine cotton products for babies.


  1. Wool/cashmere socks:

Winter socks for babies should be made of pure wool or cashmere. Some mothers may choose tight socks for girls, especially high-elastic nylon socks. However the texture of the baby’s socks should not be acrylic or too tight. Socks may have a certain elasticity, that means a small amount of lycra ingredients, but the main ingredients must be cotton or wool.

Cozy Knit Cabled Socks

Artist Ksenia Naidyon leads a handknit socks workshop featuring three unique cabled patterns — so all knitters, intermediate to advanced will have a cozy sock pattern that is perfectly comfortable for both their feet and their skill level. While this is an intermediate-level workshop, beginners will be ready for the challenge as we’ve included the materials and guides you need to be able to knit your own cozy socks.

Our workshop is focused on how to work with double pointed needles to learn sock construction and to knit a pair in tandem. The knitting technique we’re honing in on is cabling with all of it’s beautiful twists, turns and texture. All three designs will include how to read a pattern, knit following a chart, use double pointed needles (all five at once!), and learn classic knit sock construction. Our standard kit includes a wool sock yarn (with a touch of nylon for durability) chosen by Ksenia as a yarn designed for everyday use. Wear with boots or tread through the house and enjoy the wool qualities of traditional sock yarn for a wonderful pair of socks perfect for cooler weather.


We are also offering a hand-dyed Merino wool-silk yarn blend ‘kit upgrade’. Subtly softer, this Merino upgrade is for the yarn connoisseur that enjoys variegated hand-dyed details. Dyed in small batches by Sarah Pederson of The dye project in Santa Cruz, California, we’ve curated four beautiful colors for our house-sock wearers. This specialized yarn will wear more quickly but is perfect for indoor lounging — they’ll be the first thing you’ll pull on as you crawl out of bed each morning for that first cup of coffee. Upgrading your kit means you’ll receive three skeins from our hand-dyer instead of our wool sock yarn.

Either yarn you choose, you’ll end up with the coziest of socks. Ksenia starts off guiding us through a basic sock pattern, then leads us through two additional sock patterns — each more detailed than the previous. By the end you’ll be a cable knit master. From a simple mock cable to a complex intertwining Aran braid, to intricate details like knitting bobbles, this workshop will give you the cable needle, tapestry needle and the skills to embellish any of your handknits. Add cables to your sweaters, hats, scarves, and home decor to make your life a bit more cozy.


How to choose infant socks?

Can a baby wear socks?

The answer is yes, and yes, it is necessary.Baby feet heat fast, easy to catch cold, put on socks for the baby, to protect the feet will not catch cold, should be regardless of winter and summer also wear.In addition, wearing socks outside can also protect against mosquito bites.The baby’s feet grow a little bit every day, and only by buying the right socks can they adapt to the growth of their feet without making them feel uncomfortable.

For the sake of their baby’s health, mothers should know how to choose their baby’s socks.When selecting, pay attention to:

  1. The best fabric for socks is cotton.Can choose cotton or the sock of 90% above cotton, absolutely cannot choose nylon sock to the baby, although nylon sock is thinner, but it is airtight, may cause foot moss.When selecting, please read the product description in detail;


  1. Suitable sock size.Too little can affect the ability of a baby’s feet to develop.General choice than the actual length of the bottom of the feet of the baby big or small 1 cm socks can be;


3. choose socks to choose the seam solid solid, socks head socks soles thick socks;


4. the best baby supplies store to choose a brand of socks, such quality will be guaranteed.Do not be greedy for the convenience of a moment and buy socks in the stalls or informal shop, buy the quality of socks often unqualified, most of the poor quality of cotton or a large number of fine fiber mixing;


  1. Choose socks according to the season.What each season wears is different, summer should choose thin cotton socks, permeability is good, can absorb sweat;Spring and autumn choose pure cotton socks, than thin cotton socks more thick, tight;Choose pure wool or cashmere socks in winter to keep warm;


  1. Carefully inspect both inside and outside socks.When choosing socks, to carefully check the work, mainly to see whether there are threads, beads, beads and other decorative pieces;


7. color as simple as possible.Do not choose the sock with bright color, often such sock chemical composition is high, go against baby health.

Some little knowledge of different socks you should to know

How much sweat does the person’s feet produce every day?According to wikipedia, it’s 240 milliliters — a kilo a day.Scary?So the primary function of socks is not to keep warm, but to absorb sweat and help sweat evaporate better.This is the main reason why people prefer cotton socks to nylon socks even in summer — nylon doesn’t absorb sweat.

We all understand this.As a result, sports socks are often woven thick.Here we can think of a corollary: when wearing leather shoes, assume that the socks are too thin, which is generally not comfortable.

For men, wearing a pair of socks in a suit is a basic requirement on severe occasions, casual or even sports from time to time show a pair of coquettes socks, are attributed to the fine bonus.For ladies, the temptation of silk stockings, needless to say, is to follow the trend in stockings and leggings to show a little style and level, of course, is also excellent.

Cotton is the driest material for socks.Generally speaking, the better the cotton yarn, the more comfortable the socks.Here to dispel a common misconception: “pure cotton” is not necessarily good!Due to the poor elasticity of natural cotton yarn, it is necessary to blend polyester fiber (such as spandex) with certain amount of fiber to make socks comfortable and fit feet and have excellent weather resistance.Suppose someone sells you socks that claim to be “100% cotton.”

Wool is another common material that features great warmth but is relatively expensive.General work is not used, but in the absence of heating indoor socks as home is a good choice.

Polyester fiber, such as nylon, spandex, polyester, acrylic……They are characterized by good elasticity, but poor absorption of sweat, and some will attack odor.Therefore, it is not recommended to wear socks made of high percentage polyester fiber (silk socks on the outside, because there is no better way).A certain amount (say, 5-10%) of polyester blends is necessary in cotton or wool.Generally speaking, socks blended with spandex/lycra are of better quality.

For example, silk and bamboo fibers are smooth and shiny, but have poor wear resistance.Modell (essence is a cellulose regeneration fiber) luster is good, but the absorption of sweat is poor;The hollow fiber of some high-tech fabrics specially developed for sports scenes may have better function of sweat conduction.Still have the fiber of all sorts of did not hear of propaganda of a few businessman, need not be used surely, but the composition that often is sale is bigger than product itself.

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What kind of cozy socks you need in winter

At the moment, my sock drawer is a mess, probably due in part to the fact that, living in New York City, I had to deal with the bomb-cyclone blizzard and all of the other frigid days I had to get through last winter. This year is going to be different, though. I’m going to stock up on the warmest cozy socks I can find. And they’re going to be cute. Boring, itchy wool socks need not apply.

Sure, it might sound silly, but I truly believe that my life will be better if I can sort out my socks. It’s a feeling I’m only more certain of after speaking to Randy Goldberg, co-founder of the socially responsible sock company Bombas. “A good pair of socks is the bedrock of hygge season,” he tells me. “The foundation. Where it all starts.”


It’s hard to argue with this logic if you’ve ever had cold, wet feet. Thankfully, a lot of brands have really stepped up their sock game this season. L.L. Bean, a mainstay in many sock drawers, has partnered with Darn Tough to design an exclusive sock (produced proudly in New England) packed with all the natural benefits of merino wool. Bombas is also big on using the fiber for its socks because “merino is a natural moisture wicking fabric ensuring your feet stay dry all day,” Goldberg explains.

Aside from material upgrades, simple changes such as adding cushion and comfort, without bulk, and removing the seaming across the toes are capable of making socks even cozier. Before they all sell out, here are 10 pairs of cozy socks to get you through the cold weeks to come.

The Cozy Socks and Slipper Socks are good choice when you work from home

If you work at home over a full week. You’ve probably come to realize that the need to put on real shoes every day is currently on hold (even if some of my colleagues have reported that putting on a real pair has helped them focus). It is a good time, however, to upgrade your cozy socks,slipper socks and slippers.

They may be small accessories, but they can make a big impact. One way to support small businesses right now while simultaneously upping your lounge style is by shopping from brands like Ariana Bohling, Comme Si, Kule, and Skin when looking for a new pair of cozy socks and slippers. In hopes of bringing a little bit more joy to each day—and staying as comfortable as humanly possible while working at home—consider a more luxurious approach. Your loungewear sets and chic pajamas deserve more than an average athletic sock—think thick warm bed socks, fine ribbed cashmeres, wooly slub socks, and even a pair that smiles back at you to achieve the utmost comfort.


There are plenty of slipper socks options, too. A pair of hotel-style slippers would go with any of your daily Zoom-ready-outfits—snap a mirror selfie and perhaps you’ll wind up with a feature on @wfhfits. If the waffle slide isn’t for you, a pair of luxe felt booties, foot-hugging cashmere ballerinas, or wide knit slipper-socks will keep your toes warm and toasty while moving from room to room.

In hopes of making each day spent at home a little bit more enjoyable, and certainly more comfortable, consider a pair of these cozy socks and slippers—or both!